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The comprehensive guide to trading indices, with Tom Hougaard

The comprehensive guide to trading indices, with Tom Hougaard

Opto collaborated with trading expert Tom Hougaard, to bring you one-hour on: The comprehensive guide to trading indices. Tom presented his time-tested techniques for trading stock market indices, talking through live example trades on the DAX, the DOW, and the FTSE 100.

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What you’ll learn


- A time-tested strategy from an industry expert with over 20 years’ experience.

- Pattern recognition – hear from Tom as he talks through real-life trading examples, using live charts to show how he uses technical analysis to spot opportunities.

- A mental framework – learn from a pro, understand his decision-making process, and define your own trading philosophy.

- 5 common mistakes. Avoid the simple errors that plague the majority of aspiring traders.

- Clear, concise instruction – forget industry jargon, follow Tom’s straightforward steps.


Your questions answered


- Technicians vs. Fundamental analysts – who wins? And why?

- “Normal doesn’t make money” – What makes mind-set so important? And why have the majority not got what it takes?

- What’s the “deception of charts”? Learn how to counteract those natural biases.


Our presenter


Tom Hougaard is a professional trader, author and trading coach. He specialises in price action trading and writes extensively on the topic, as well as trading psychology. Although Tom predominately trades stock indices, he has won the annual Danish share trading competition for four consecutive years, using price action and pattern recognition.

Tom studied economics and finance at two universities in the United Kingdom, and then went on to work for JP Morgan Chase, before spending the next 10 years in the City of London as a Chief Market Strategist for a CFD broker. He has given thousands of TV and radio interviews on financial markets, as well as educating tens of thousands of clients on trading strategies.

Since 2009 Tom has traded for himself, and has self-published several works on trading psychology, price action and product knowledge.
Watch Tom's webinar >>

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