The best 10 traders to follow on Twitter

Ever since its emergence, social media has been an important tool for traders seeking an edge. That's truer now than ever, especially in a world where the US president uses Twitter to announce market moving events.

But with the influx of information, personalities and data, it can be hard for traders to know who's worth following and who's not. Luckily, we've done the hard work for you, and collated a list of the best 10 traders to follow:


1 @50pips

Tweets about

Trading tips and the levels to watch out for.

Why you should follow them

Straight, down-the-line market analysis. No messing around, no irreverent gifs (OK, a couple) - just informative charts and analysis. A must for any short-term trader.


2 @ukarlewitz

Tweets about

Trading strategy.

Why you should follow them

Urban Carmel is the man behind award-winning trading blog The Fat Pitch. His Twitter feed is full of insights that traders can use to inform their own strategies. Tweets range from analysis of economic data to the performance of major indices - all alongside a healthy dose of realism.


3 @zerohedge

Tweets about

Trading and US politics. 

Why you should follow them

A self-described sceptical take on trading and wider political issues (they have a manifesto). Zerohedge might not be for everyone, but its bracing take on trading stands in stark contrast to traditional commentators. 

“A self-described sceptical take on trading and wider political issues”


4 @howardlindzon

Tweets about

Macro trends.

Why you should follow them

Canadian financier Howard Lindzon has been in the markets for over 20 years. Oh and he also co-founded StockTwits so he knows a thing or two about trading and spotting a trend. On Twitter, he shares his knowledge of how to spot trends in the markets that inform his private investments. 


5 @alphatrends

Tweets about

Technical analysis insights. 

Why you should follow them

@alphatrends is the Twitter account of acclaimed technical analyst Brian Shannon. Shannon authored Technical Analysis Using Multiple Timeframes back in 2008 and has been sharing his knowledge ever since.

Expect daily suggestions, chart breakdowns and interesting retweets of what's catching Shannon's eye.

Shannon recently took time out to talk with Opto on Trading using multiple timeframes.


6 @AndrewThrasher

Tweets about

Trading, index charts and key levels.

Why you should follow them

Thrasher is a Portfolio Manager for The Financial Enhancement Group and Founder of Thrasher Analytics. A real chart master and one that focuses on key levels for major global indices, a must for those that take their technical analysis seriously.

Thrasher recently shared his articles on Value line divergence and Growth vs value stocks with Opto.


7 @BreakoutStocks

Tweets about

Stocks hitting all-time highs and lows.

Why you should follow them

Keeping track of stocks breaking out is an art in itself. Luckily, Breakout Stocks gives you a heads up on what's rallying and what's plummeting. Expect quick-fire updates on stocks breaking out, gains and timeframes.

“Luckily, Breakout Stocks gives you a heads up on what's rallying and what's plummeting"


8 @OptionsHawk

Tweets about

Options analysis.

Why you should follow them

Joe Kunkle’s OptionsHawk looks at increases in options traded for underlying equities to get the jump on big price movements. For traders aiming to nail price movements and trends as they get started, it’s a must.

Kunkle shared some insight on his Options trading strategy with Opto last year.


9 @Schuldensuehner​

Tweets about

Daily market movements.

Why you should follow them

@Schuldensuehner is the Twitter handle of self-confessed 'market maniac' Holger Zschäpitz. As the finance editor at German newspaper Die Welt, Zschäpitz knows his stuff, tweeting choice charts on daily market movements.


10 @TheStalwart

Tweets about

Minute-by-minute market updates.

Why you should follow them

As ‘the hardest-working man in financial news’, you’d expect Joe Weisenthal’s Twitter account to be a rapid-fire succession of market-news content - and you wouldn’t be wrong. 

Time described the Bloomberg TV's What’d You Miss? Twitter feed as: 
‘tweeting out the latest consumer confidence data before you’ve had your morning cup of coffee, and movements in overseas markets long after you’ve gone to bed.’

“The hardest-working man in financial news"

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