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OPTO Sessions Peter Brandt charts his success

Peter Brandt charts his success

Peter Brandt is a trader renowned for his charting capabilities. A classical chartist and author of detailed books on the subject and his  book, Trading Commodity Futures with Classical Chart Patterns, is a favourite in the trading community. Brandt is also the founder and CEO of Factor, a proprietary trading firm that produces research for large institutional clients.

In this week’s Opto Sessions, Brandt answers Opto’s quick fire questions and reveals some of the factors that make him tick.


What would you consider to be your edge in trading?

Persistence, discipline, patience and being detached.


What’s your top tip for newbie traders?

Get your expectations right. You have to have expectations which are real world and that can help guide you.


What’s your favourite book, non-finance or otherwise?

I love Jack Schwager’s Market Wizards series. I think it presents top line thinking of very smart people. It’s not a how to and doesn't tell you what to buy, but shares how some very successful traders think. To that degree, it's wonderful education.


Who do you go to for market insights?

I go to the charts.


What’s your top tip to keep calm in stressful situations?

I think it's important to remember to trade to live and not live to trade, as there are other things in life. Trading is captivating, but it’s not the real world. There's a whole real world out there that involves other people. We can lose that sense when our entire world is on a chart, on a screen, with prices blinking.


To hear more about what Brandt think’s matters when it comes to trading, listen to the full episode here.



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