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Investing in AI: the fourth industrial revolution | Hosted by Anthony Hilton

Investing in AI: the fourth industrial revolution is the second instalment of OPTO’s Trading Intelligence series. At the event, industry experts discussed the rise of artificial intelligence and ways to gain exposure to this burgeoning sector.

During this first half of the panel discussion, Anthony Hilton, Financial Editor at the Evening Standard, quizzes William Hobbs, Barclays Chief Investment Officer, Mouhammed Choukeir, Chief Investment Officer and Deputy CEO at Kleinwort Hambros, and Michael Hewson, Chief Market Analyst at CMC Markets, on the development of AI applications, as well as the outlook for the Chinese and US stock markets, as the two superpowers battle it out for AI supremacy.



For the second half of the panel discussion, and to hear our experts sort fact from fiction as they highlight the biggest commercial opportunities in AI, click the link below:


Anthony Hilton & guests identify the AI stocks to watch | Trading intelligence

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