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Patrick Reid How to find your trading edge

OPTO brings you another hour-long masterclass with returning special guest speaker, professional prop trader, educator and mentor, Patrick Reid. He’ll guide you through the principles of fundamental and technical analysis, in a showdown all traders are familiar with.


Find your edge

Separate yourself from the herd and elevate your trading strategy by learning how the institutional traders combine fundamental with technical analysis


Straight-forward techniques

Get an unfiltered account on how to optimize your trading strategy, simple and actionable steps to level-up your analysis


Learn from a pro

Is it all in the price? Hear from an expert trader drawing on his own experiences to take a deep dive into the age-old question; macro or micro?


Our presenter

Patrick Reid is a trader, mentor and the co-founder of The Adamis Principle, which aims to educate and mentor traders across all levels. Having started his career in television, Patrick decided on a change of pace and has been a trader for over 10 years, working for one of Europe’s largest prop desks, before moving to spot trading.

Patrick's trading experiences spans both the retail and institutional spaces, and his subsequent skill set as a technical trader dovetail with his astute and noise free knowledge of fundamentals. Patrick has been featured in a range of publications like FX Street, Forex Flow and Money Maven, as well as various interviews on YouTube channels including Investing Channel and Core Finance.

Patrick prides himself on the principles he’s put forward with his co-founder and giving aspiring retail traders quality training. His teachings range from FX strategy, hedging, and macro & technical analysis, through the running of a range of masterclasses.


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