Learn how to day trade the stock market

  • What is day trading? How can I start
  • The benefits of day trading stocks
  • Professional strategies step-by-step

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8 things you'll learn

The benefits

Profit from daily price action rather than waiting for long-term fundamentals to play out

Chart analysis

Learn basic technical analysis and start identifying tradable chart patterns today

Technical indicators

Spot support and resistance levels, candlestick set-ups, and identify stock market trends as they happen

The risks

How much of my pot should I risk? When should I take profit? Your key risk-management principles laid out

Professional strategies

We interview a professional trader and ask them to outline their strategy, step-by-step

Psychology tips

We identify the 5 key principles for trading in the zone. Separate yourself from the crowd

Trade at home

Anyone can trade remotely, from their own home - all you need is a PC.

Managing risk

Protect your capital. We talk to professional traders for their real-life experiences

“Use stop losses, risk up to 1% of an account per trade and don’t try and choke the trade”

Identify opportunities

Learn the principles that underpin technical analysis, and understand how chart patterns indicate price direction

Get experts’ advice

We talk to professional traders for their top tips on strategy, managing risk, and spotting potential trades

Place your trade

Know where to fix your stop-loss and when to take profit. Actionable information for aspiring traders