Tricks of the trade

How to Day Trade Stocks & Indices

  • How to place your first trade
  • Identify 9 chart patterns
  • Pro strategies step-by-step

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What you'll learn

Pros & cons

Learn how you can profit from daily share price moves

Chart analysis

Learn basic technical analysis & start identifying tradable chart patterns

Technical indicators

Spot support & resistance levels, and identify trends as they happen

The risks

How much of my pot should I risk? Key risk-management rules laid out

Professional strategies

We interview a professional trader & ask them to outline their strategy

Psychology tips

We identify the 5 key principles for trading in the zone. Separate yourself from the crowd

Managing risk

Protect your capital. We talk to professional traders for their real-life experiences

Identify opportunities

Learn technical analysis and understand how chart patterns indicate price direction

Get experts' opinions

We talk to professional traders for their top tips on strategy, managing risk, & spotting potential trades

Place your trade

Know where to fix your stop-loss and when to take profit. Actionable information for aspiring traders.

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Trading stocks & indices step-by-step, with exclusive strategy tips from expert traders

13.9 million

Number of global day traders in 2018


A key Fibonacci retracement level - Learn more inside

1 in 7

Proportion of female traders - 2.7 million worldwide

Use stop losses, risk up to 1% on an account per trade and don't try and choke the trade

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