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Christian May & guests | How to invest in a downturn | Trading intelligence, by Opto

Opto hosted three investment experts, William Hobbs, Barclays chief investment officer, Michael Bell, JP Morgan global market strategist, and Adam & Company investment director, Kay Bendall, at the Ned London, 12 March.

Christian May, editor-in-chief at City A.M., asked our panellists to identify the sectors where they see value, and future growth, against the backdrop of seismic political and economic change that characterises today's global markets – view the video below:



Macroeconomic events are having a profound effect on markets, political risk, trade tensions and Federal Reserve actions have dominated investment discourse. To view the first part of the discussion, where we asked our three investment experts to distil the true impact of these events on global markets, click the link below:


Opto | A stock picker’s market | Panel 1


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