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6 top trading podcasts - October 2018

We’ve curated a list of 6 of the top trading podcasts, featuring some of the industry’s brightest and best minds. Listen to a chess-master that advises some of the world’s largest hedge funds, and hear from Anthony Scaramucci on life after the White House:


Meet the Mooch


Capital Allocators Presented by: Ted Seides

Recode Decode Presented by: Kara Swisher

Anthony Scaramucci came to worldwide infamy for his disastrous eleven days as the White House communications director, during which time he made statements such as “where I grew up, we’re front stabbers”. Before going all in with Trump though, The Mooch founded SkyBridge Capital, one of the 20 biggest funds in the world. Since being fired from the White House he’s gone back to SkyBridge and has also been doing the rounds on podcasts. For the best insight into his career and philosophy listen to Capital Allocators with Ted Seides, or for a slightly more amusing dive into his life and psyche listen to him on Recode Decode.

“It’s not the stuff that you do not know that’s going to hurt you in the world of investing…it’s your unstinting conviction and belief that’s going to hurt you. You should always anticipate what the worst could be, and build yourself up from that position. Every time in my career where I haven’t done that, I’ve been blown out.” - Anthony Scaramucci speaking on Capital Allocators. 



Steve Madden

How I Built This
Presented by: Guy Raz

Steve Madden, the shoe designer that started out by ripping off the high fashion designs of ladies shoes, spent two years in prison for fraud, linked to the events portrayed in 'The Wolf of Wall Street'. He’s still the creative and design chief of the company, which continues to grow (it gained 30% over the past 12 months).

“That scene [from the film], with me talking on the stage, it’s very accurate. I started talking about my shoes, thinking they would be interested, but they weren’t, it was just a piece of paper, a piece of meat they can sell... [And] they were totally manipulating the stock.”


Adam Robinson

The Tim Ferriss Show
Presented by: Tim Ferriss 

Adam Robinson is a chess master and author who focuses around “outflanking and outsmarting” the competition. He’s worked at a quant fund and now advises some of the world’s biggest hedge funds.

“If I realise my focus is off, and certainly when I’m experiencing any negative emotions, I ask myself, ‘Where should my attention be right now?’ Almost always, the answer is ‘my mission,’ which is like a beacon that always beckons.”


Joel Greenblatt

Masters in Business
Presented by: Barry Ritholz

The master of investing and author of titles including The Little Book That Beats the Market runs through his strategies.

“That’s what stocks are: ownership shares of businesses; that’s very fundamental to the way we look at everything. And if you look at it in that way you can see that all of modern portfolio theory, and the way most academics and many advisors and managers look at the world, just seems insane.”


Jack Schwager

The Artful Trader 
Presented by: Michael McCarthy

Jack Schwager is a successful fund manager in his own right, but he’s probably most famous for his Market Wizards book series that includes interviews and insights with the world’s most successful traders. Speaking with CMC Markets’ Michael McCarthy, Schwager runs through some of his favourites.

“You don’t want to try to style your trading to copy somebody else, it’s just the wrong approach… I can’t think of anybody that I interviewed who sat at somebody’s knee, learnt their approach and did it so well they became really great at it.”

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