Part One: Finding the Trade, with Michael McCarthy
How do traders identify market opportunities? What are the best trades? From automatically identifying candlestick formations to scanning more than 5,000 charts in minutes, this presentation looks at the decision making process in identifying a suitable trade, offering strategies that are useful to new and experienced traders alike.


Part Two: Trade Entry Strategies, with Ric Spooner
When to get in, limit versus stop entry orders, and using filters to cut down whipsaw losses. Techniques for averaging into positions are explored. Importantly, this session explains the calculation of risk and reward ratios, and how traders can maintain profitability even where less than half of their trades result in profits.Due: 17th September 2014
Part Three: Trade Closing Strategies, with Ric Spooner
Targeting profits, and when to bail out, or average out. How traders use technical analysis to identify levels, or changes in conditions after trade entry.Due: 24th September 2014
Part Four: Dealing with losses, and profits, with Michael McCarthy
Traders are in the most danger in two situations - after large losses, and large wins. How do experts weather the emotional storms of tradingDue: 1st October 2014