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The Artful Trader podcast series - season 2

Mastering the art of the markets – insights from the trading experts. 

With season 2 of the podcast, CMC Markets continues to bring a fresh perspective to the complex world of financial markets, introducing traders to some of the worlds’ most renowned trading personalities who share the highs and lows of their journeys and the secrets to their success. Series 2 uncovers insights from emerging markets, medical marijuana, the psychology behind risk management and bringing down Barings bank.

The Artful Trader 2018 series will feature six leading global trading experts:

  • Nick Leeson - internationally renowned Rogue Trader who caused the collapse of Barings Bank; he discusses his side of the story and the lessons he’s learned.
  • John Netto - cross-asset trader, author, creator of the Netto Number and expert in developing, executing and managing proprietary algorithmic and discretionary trading strategies.
  • Anas Alhajji - oil market expert, author and thought leader on energy and its effect on the trading market; Anas covers the factors influencing oil prices including geopolitical tensions and economic growth. Are we headed towards an energy crisis?
  • James Helliwell - director and chief investment strategist of the Lex van Dam Trading Academy, expert on medical marijuana and the transformation of his 5M cannabis investment into a 250M company evaluation. 
  • Annie Duke – American ex-professional poker player, author and risk management consultant; Annie covers the cognitive science behind the decision-making process.
  • Jake Bernstein - internationally recognised futures analyst, trader educator and author with over 40 published books.

As host of the series I enjoyed the rare privilege of asking questions of the brightest minds in markets. It was amazing, occasionally appalling, and entertaining. Each and every guest raised something new and vital about trading and markets. If you're a trader, or just interested in the world of trading, this podcast series provides laughs and insights.

You can listen now on all major podcast stores or via www.TheArtfulTraderPodcast.com


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