The AUDUSD made quite a stellar retracement from below USD 0.96 but it seems now that negative weight may be becoming too much for the price to continue. The Aussie has been remarkably resilient compared to a number of other currencies which has meant that traders have not been able to short the Aussie as easily as has been the case with currencies like the euro. Let's take a look at the chart evidence for a potential short position:

One of the more obvious aspects is the retracement to the 50% Fibonacci levels which the price very neatly tagged and reversed. I would suggest also that this approximates a reversal at the 200 day moving average (centre blue line) which can give the trader a good idea as to the broader sentiment of the market at the moment.

For the shorter term trader though you can see that the price broke through the 50 period moving average (centre blue line) and seems to be struggling whenever it trades to the high side. Given the broad direction at the moment I think a bias to the short side with a stop at around 1.0080 would be the go. This stop can be trailed based on retests of the 50 day moving average in future.