I'ts great to visit other cities in Australia and swap views and stories with our trading customers. However, the "flexible" nature of air travel these days sometimes means things don't go to plan, and I was out of internet range for yesterday's price reference. Apologies to our regular readers. Of course, any trader can calculate the order prices themselves, with the method laid out in the 5MADT strategy paper.

Although definitely not part of the strategy, anyone who missed yesterday's trade saved themselves 12 pips.

Today we resume normal programming. As promised, here are the results so far:

20130621 results

Currently 138 pips in front, the strategy can't lose this month - the worst case  (all losing trades from here) would see a gain of 66 pips. Any further successful trades will add 51 pips - a very comfortable trading scenario.

Here's today's reference prices:

20130621 prices