I'm like a kid with a new toy this morning - over the weekend CMC rolled out a big leap forward for the trading platform. Called "Next Generation", its a completely new look. Everything is controlled from the dock at the top of the screen, and a higher resolution means traders can now create richer more detailed trading lay-outs:

20130715 ng layout

I especially like like the way I can configure the Reuters news feed to show reports relevant to the instruments in a watch list, but there are many changes, large and small, that mean this is the most powerful trading tool ever delivered by CMC.

Margin calculation, holding costs, account value calculation, stop order triggers, and many other features are enhanced. If you're like me, you'll want to test drive this platform yourself - and you'll have the opportunity as soon as you use your standard log in from today. If you're not a CMC customer, it's worth considering a free demonstration account to check out the cutting edge in trading platforms.

You can watch a recording of a presentation on the Next Generation trading platform here:


Or register to attend a webinar here:

Upcoming webinar: Platform Upgrade Preview: Live Demonstration

Thursday, 18 July. 12:30-1:30pm


Thursday, 18 July, 6-7pm


And there's more information here:

Core functionality changes

AU http://www.cmcmarkets.com.au/platforms/platform-update-jul-2013/core-functionality-changes

NZ http://www.cmcmarkets.co.nz/platforms/platform-update-jul-2013/core-functionality-changes

Mobile platform updates

AU http://www.cmcmarkets.com.au/platforms/platform-update-jul-2013/mobile-platform-updates

NZ http://www.cmcmarkets.co.nz/platforms/platform-update-jul-2013/mobile-platform-updates

New platform features

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NZ http://www.cmcmarkets.co.nz/platforms/platform-update-jul-2013/new-platform-features