Asia Pacific indices

Australia 200 has slumped back under 5,200 with resistance falling back toward 5,240 from 5,300 next support possible near 5,170 then 5,070. RSI faltering below 50 suggests downward momentum intact.

Japan 225 has dropped back under 19,000 and fallen back toward the 18,780 to 18,860 range between two Fibonacci levels near 18,740 and 19,025. RSI peaking at a lower level and below 50nm indicates underlying downtrend may be resuming.

Hong Kong 43 is sitting on 21,500 trading between 21,410 and 21,600. RSI suggests downward pressure easing but its trading in a wide range. Next support near 21,000 with next resistance near 22,000 or 22,150.

Hong Kong China H failed to retake 10,000and has dropped back into the 9,620 to 9,780 area. RSI suggests downward momentum slowing but it may remain choppy. Next support near 9,400 with next resistance near 9,900.

India 50 is bouncing around the 8,000 level trading between 7,930 and 8,030. RSI suggests a trading bounce underway but its too early to signal a turn.

North American and European Indices

US 30 is sliding within a 16,475 to 16,725 channel, trading more recently between 16,475 and 16,575. RSI topping out below 50 suggests the recent upswing was a trading bounce within an ongoing downtrend.

US NDAQ 100 has started to drop back again after the recent rebound ran out of gas. Resistance has dropped from 4,355 back toward 4,320 with downside support near 4,265 then a Fibonacci cluster near 4,230.

US SPX 500 remains in a downtrend with the recent bounce unable to retake the big 2,000 round number. Currently trading between 1,965 and 1,980 with next support near 1,940.

Germany 30 continues to fall away from 10,360 Fibonacci resistance into the 10,230 to 10,250 area with next support near 10,150 and 10,045. RSI topping out below 50 suggests broader downtrend intact.

UK 100 was closed today for a bank holiday.


Gold is holding steady near $1,135, within a $1,126 to $1,142 trading range. RSI holding 50 confirms underlying uptrend momentum remains intact.

Crude Oil WTI continues to rally with $43.10 shifting from Fibonacci resistance to support. The price has blasted up through $45.50 and $46.60 with support moving up toward $47.70 with resistance near $48.50 and $48.90. RSI switching from deeply oversold to nearly overbought, confirming a major change in momentum underway.


US Dollar Index is sitting on 96.00 near the middle of a 92.50 to 98.50 trading range. RSI faltering near 50 suggests recent bounce was a correction within a growing downtrend.

NZDUSD has broken down through $0.6400, and RSI has rolled over indicating downward momentum has picked up again and its primary downtrend may be resuming. Key support tests loom near $0.6320 and $0.6250 with resistance dropping toward $0.6360.

AUDUSD is bouncing around between $0.7000 and $0.7200 in what appears to be another pause within a broader downtrend although and oversold RSI suggests potential for base building. RBA news may decide which way the next move could go.

USDJPY has encountered some Fibonacci resistance near 121.70 and slipped back toward 121.25. RSI still under 590 and levelling off suggests trading bounce may be running out of steam. Downside support near 121.00 hen 120.65 and the 120.00 round number.

EURJPY is consolidating between 135.00 and 136.60 trying to decide which way to move with next resistance near 137.90 and next support near 134.10. RSI suggests momentum neutral to down slightly following a double top.