Asia Pacific indices

Australia 200 is breaking down today. After gapping below a Fibonacci cluster near 4,655 the bottom fell out and the index dove toward 5,555 with next potential support near 5,525 then 5,465. RSI falling under 50 signals a downturn in momentum.

Japan 225 has started to roll over again, having run into resistance near 20,800 a lower high, the index has dropped back toward 20,640 with more support possible in the 20,570 to 20.600 area. RSI indicates upward momentum struggling.

Hong Kong 43 remains in a downtrend with RSI stuck under 50 and resistance falling toward 24,410 from 24,700. Next potential support near 24,290 then 24,160 and 24,000.

Hong Kong China H continues to find support above the 11,000 round number while it stabilizes from a huge selloff but lower highs with resistance falling toward 11,130 suggest this may be a pause in a bigger downtrend. next potential downside support near 10,840 and 10,700.

India 50 remains under accumulation, climbing to test 8,600, a Fibonacci level with next potential resistance near 8,800 on trend. RSI indicates upward momentum still building. Support rises toward 8,570 from 8,550.

North American and European Indices

US 30 started the day trading near 17,570 still well below 17,777 Fibonacci resistance but the bottom fell out from under it after the New York open and the index fell through the day to test 17,415 with more at an intraday low near 17,375.

US NDAQ 100 has taken a big tumble failing to hold above 4,600 and diving down through 4,555 on toward 4,530 with next potential support near 4,500 then 4,485. RSI signals momentum turning downward.

US SPX 500 dropped back toward 2,080 after faltering near 2,100, dropping back into the lower half of its 2,060 to 2,135 trading channel. RSI falling back under 50 signals momentum turning downward.

Germany 30 was knocked back toward 11,555 after faltering near 11,645 Fibonacci resistance. RSI remaining above 50 indicates its underlying uptrend remains intact for now above 11,510 support.

UK 100 has successfully retested 6,700 where it broke out of a downtrend as new support and has been consolidating in the 6,740 to 6,760 range with next upside resistance near 6,800. Rising RSI confirms upward momentum accelerating.


Gold continues to trade in a $1,070 to $1,105 range but the formation of a symmetrical triangle of higher lows and lower highs suggests a pause within a bigger downtrend while working off an oversold RSI. Currently trading in the $1,085 to $1,090 area.

Crude Oil WTI has resumed its downtrend with a break of $45.00 signalling the start of a new downleg that could potentially retest its previous low near $42.50 over time. Initial support has emerged near the $44.00 level.


US Dollar Index is holding steady today just below 98.30 which could end in a double top of a breakout. Next potential measured resistance near 100.30 on a breakout with support rising toward 97.70. RSI confirms upward momentum building.

NZDUSD has bounced up off of $0.6500, completing a double bottom. RSI climbing toward 50 indicates downward pressure easing. Initial resistance near $0.6555 hen $0.6615.

AUDUSD ran into resistance near $0.7400 once again and has dropped back toward $0.7340 with support possible near $0.7380 then $0.7225.

USDJPY remains in an uptrend, trading above its 124.30 recent breakout point and testing the 125.00 round number with next resistance possible at the June high near 125.90. RSI above 50 and rising indicates upward momentum accelerating.

EURJPY is back above 136.00 moving into the upper half of a 135.00 to 137.00 short-term trading range. RSI sitting on 50 indicates sideways trend intact.