Aussie dollar holds its own in world forex market

Aussie dollar holds its own in world forex market

The Bank of International Settlements has released its 3 yearly survey on FX turnover.

I've posted a few highlights and a link to the BIS report  for traders interested in a quick snapshot of how the markets they trade fit together

Here are some of the highlights from the survey conducted in April this year

  • Average daily forex turnover was $5.3tn dollars up 33% on 3 years ago
  • The $US was involved in  one side of 87% of all transactions.  This is up from 85% 3 years ago. No sign of the greenback losing its status as the world's reserve currency at this stage
  • The Euro lost ground. It remains the 2nd most traded currency but was involved in only 33% of transactions down from 39% 3 years ago.
  • The Aussie Dollar punches well above its weight ranking 5th in the turnover league and involved in 8.6% of all transactions.  AUD: USD is the 4th most traded pair accounting for 6.8% of all transactions.

FX turnover by Currency and Currency Pairs

FX market turnover Source : BIS FX market turnover
Source : BIS

Summary of Bank for International Settlements Report