AUDUSD setting up potential hourly symmetrical triangle

AUDUSD setting up potential hourly symmetrical triangle

Hi again everyone,

it's been something of a morning of intra-day patterns so I figured I would just keep posting them as I find them. In this case you can see the fast moving AUDUSD trading in something of a distributive phase and now finding itself on the cusp of being in a symmetrical triangle:

The key thing that the trader first needs to look for here is for a peak to be formed at these levels - otherwise we don't have a confirmed pattern because we need 2 peaks and 2 troughs for that to occur.

If that happens then the trader will be waiting for a breakout and trade in that direction - with this type of pattern a break to the long or the short side is acceptable. In terms of stop placement there isn't a particularly clear level for you to look at though depending on how the pattern forms up, something around the 1.0910 may be worth a look.

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