AUD: JPY - Swing traders MACD set up

AUD: JPY - Swing traders MACD set up

It's very early days yet but the Aussie Yen hourly caught my eye as the sort of chart that may develop into a typical MACD trader's bearish divergence set up as we move into the European session.

In the last few hours, price has paused fractionally above the last major peak. If this pause was to turn into a more significant decline, we may have a situation that is beginning to look like the early stages of a double top.

The recent pause has resulted in divergence between the MACD and price (i.e. although the 2nd price peak was higher than the first, the MACD made a much lower peak)

One approach to this situation is to use the trend following features of the MACD as well as the momentum indicator. Here the trader looks for a good bearish divergence set up and then waits for the MACD histogram (bars) to fall below the zero line before entering.

A typical entry strategy would be to enter on the candle open following the first histogram close below zero.

One approach to exit strategies is to place the initial stop behind the most recent peak with a profit objective at the 50% retracement level