Ask Jack Schwager a question

Ask Jack Schwager a question

It will come as no surprise to trading geeks that we've been knocked off our feet with registrations for Jack Schwager's seminars in Melbourne and Sydney this week. There will be several hundred people attending in each city.

But the venues are big and there are still places left,  so I thought it might be timely to remind blog readers who have been thinking of taking advantage of this opportunity.

Attendance is open to all and free for clients with a funded CMC account. You can register here

Ask Jack Schwager a question

If you've got a burning question you've always wanted to ask Jack, we're providing an opportunity to do this either through Twitter or a blog comment

There's  a free ticket on offer for the most relevant trading question asked on both Twitter #AskJack  and through a blog comment 

Jack may not have time to answer every question but for those he does, we'll summarize his answers in a follow up post.

Jack Schwager Seminars

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