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The Week Ahead

ALPHA Weekly Report - 28th November 2022

Week Ahead

G'day folks and welcome to our exclusive ALPHA week ahead report with your friendly, neighbourhood CMC Market Analyst! 

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Week Ahead

ASX Key Events (For the week)

Global Economic Key Events

What are we watching?

  • The bond yield inversion deepens further: The spread between the US 10-year and 2-year bond yields widened further, which is the steepest since 1981. This indicates a gloomier US economic outlook, which is usually a sign of a hard recession ahead.
  • China returns to Covid lockdowns: Following relaxing rules on health restrictions, China’s daily Covid cases reached the highest since the pandemic. With major cities, such as Beijing, and Shanghai, facing the threat of being in lockdowns again, the impact on the already sluggish global economy could be big, especially on commodity prices.
  • The US dollar declines: The king dollar is on a fast pace of declining since the US printed light CPI data in October as investors believe that the Fed has reached its peak of hawkishness. It is expected the trend in the FX world will continue till the next inflation data offers more clues to the economic front.
  • Crude oil prices sink: The recent fall in oil future prices implied a drop in inflation expectations as crude and inflation have been positively correlated. From the macro perspective, weakened demand is the main bearish factor pressuring the oil markets.
  • Gold is on the rebounding trend: The precious metal is on a steady pace of its rebound due to a weakened USD and chaos in the crypto markets. Gold may return to investors’ portfolios being a haven asset. 

Week That Was

Global Economic Key Events 

Top Key Global Headlines

ASX Weekly Chart

ASX Sector Performance

Movers Shakers

(All information sourced from Bloomberg)


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