Air China - Triangle Set Up

Air China - Triangle Set Up

A lot of people's approach to trading involves concentrating on just a few instruments e.g a small number of fx pairs; indices; stocks or whatever.

This was the traditional stock trader's approach and makes perfect sense if you are using fundamental analysis. Here your skill is to drill down into the valuations and the likely impact of news flow. As an individual trader there is obviously a limit to the number of instruments you can effectively analyse

For technical analysts using software packages and good electronic trading platforms though I reckon it's the opposite. The skill is still to establish profitable strategies but more often than not these can be applied to a wide range of different charts.  You are only limited by your risk management rules and by your individual time management. There's usually plenty of scope to improve profit opportunity by looking beyond your own back yard.

In the Hong Kong and Tokyo share markets, Aussie share traders have a couple of other big, liquid markets in their time zone.  That's why Dave and I regularly post set ups for these markets as well as for the US 

Air China ( 0753 on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange ) has formed into a symmetrical triangle pattern. This pattern could be bought on a break to the upside or sold on a break below the support. It can be a good idea to only take trades if the stochastics are in the daily and weekly charts are both trending in the direction of your trade or if the weekly stochastics are overbought when you enter a short trade or oversold when you buy

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