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5 Minute Trading - Wed Aug 8

5 Minute Trading - Wed Aug 8

Wow, this is getting cruel. The buy entry price yesterday was 1.2376 - the low on the buy chart in post open trading was 1.23766 - just .00006 or 0.6 of a pip (!!!!!) away from what would have been a succesful trade. To top it off, the rally saw an entry on the sell side, and EUR/USD fell from there, but not enough to hit the profit target!

I'm sticking to the "mechanical" approach of the strategy, despite these near misses. The one bright spot is the feedback from traders using a modified approach, and picking up some good profits so far.

Regardless, no amount of whingeing will get the trade back, and markets can do that. Resilience and patience are key attributes of successful traders, and with that in mind, here are today's levels:

and the record so far:

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