Trading Strategy Defined

  • Thu 15 Mar 2018
  • 7.00pm (EDT)

It is important for traders to understand the immense benefits that a well-defined strategy can bring. 

There are many misbeliefs and myths surrounding the whole subject of trading strategies and technical analysis, plus the difference between the two (yes they are very different!). 

Webinar Highlights: 

  • We define technical analysis and how this differs immensely from technical trading strategy 
  • Learn a trading strategy that traders of all abilities can apply to a chart, regardless of the market or timeframe traded 
  • The importance of having a strategy, regardless of the strategy you choose 
  • Learn to understand, manage and deal with risk like a professional trader does 
  • Repeat offender when it comes trading errors? You are not alone - we list the top trading errors and how to avoid them 


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