The pros and cons of adding ETFs to your portfolio during turbulent times

  • Thu 20 Aug 2020
  • 7.00pm (EST)
  • beginner

Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) allow astute investors to gain exposure in a basket of local and global investments in a long-term buy and hold strategy without the risks or fuss of having to own each individual asset.

Some of the world’s best investors, such as Warren Buffet, believe that it is difficult to outperform index funds year in year out. This potentially makes ETFs an ideal diversified and typically low-cost investment choice. Join this webinar where we will look at:

  • The fundamental details and charts of some of the world’s best ETFs to be tracking during these turbulent times;
  • The pros, cons and risks of ETFs;
  • Take an in depth look at the key technical criteria of these highly liquid investment vehicles;
  • Develop an ETF watch list in the CMC Markets Stockbroking standard and Pro Trading platforms.


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