Live Stock Trading Forum: Planning your trading for the New Year

  • Thu 30 Jan 2020
  • 7.00pm (EDT)
  • beginner

In this modern-day era, we can get an almost instant answer to all our everyday questions. But when it comes to stock trading questions, although a plethora of information is available in cyberspace, sometimes we need to revert to asking a real expert to get sound information.  

In this one to one live stock trading forum, have your trading related questions answered by an experienced and professional trading host.

This session will be conducted in a structured environment and where all questions are welcome.  

• Gain knowledge by learning from other traders’ questions;
• Been out of the markets for a while? Join this session to reignite your trading passion;
• Going through a rough spell in your trading? You won’t be alone! Most successful traders have been there and got the Tee shirt! Talk it through with our expert;
• Life’s distractions becoming too distracting for your trading? Get some expert information from a professional on how you could achieve consistency and success.



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