2017 Commodity Kick-start

  • Tue 20 Dec 2016
  • 6pm
  • beginner

2017 Commodity Kick-start

Everything points toward towards oil and gold being key markets in 2017. Donald Trump’s election has turbo charged an already dynamic situation where China’ stimulus programme, the US Fed; Middle East politics and European risks look set to create volatility and trading opportunity in gold an oil. Apart from the direct opportunities in these markets, oil especially will have a big influence on currencies and stocks.  

Join us for this live webinar where our Ric Spooner, our Chief Market Analyst will cover what key issues to consider when looking for an edge in the oil and gold markets. Learn about:

  • The Essential facts of gold and oil trading
    • Understand commodity jargon - what is a troy ounce of gold and what exactly is light sweet crude oil?
    • The pros and  cons of trading cash and forward CFDs
  • Where these markets currently stand and potential trading opportunities for 2016
    • The interplay between jewellery; central bank and investor demand for gold
    • What to watch for in the oil supply outlook
    • How the current demand and supply situation fits with the short and medium term chart outlook for gold and oil

About Ric Spooner

Ric has over 30 years’ experience working in financial markets and a special affinity for commodities which were the original platform for his market career

Before joining CMC Markets, he managed the futures broking businesses of JB Were and Elders Finance for ten years, and was managing director of the Sydney Futures Exchange Clearing House for eight years. He was also a non-executive director of Sydney Futures Exchange, and served as its deputy chairman. He has also been a successful private trader.

Ric is an established figure in the media and appears frequently appears on TV and radio, including the ABC, BBC, Bloomberg and Sky News Business and provides daily insights on stocks for Business Insider.



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