Desktop platform guide

To start trading Countdowns, log in to the platform and click on the Countdowns link in the top navigation toolbar, or choose 'Countdowns' in the product library.

1. Product grid

First, launch the product grid to see which products you can trade and what timeframes are available to trade over.

2. Sort products

Sort the product grid by alphabetical order, by products with the best or worst performance, by payout or by latest up or down trend.

3. Product squares

Each square shows the current level 1 mid-price, the product's performance, the payout and whether the price was up or down over the previous ten intervals.

4. Expiries

Change the expiry timeframe here. Payouts and trend data are updated automatically.

5. Trend analyser

This useful tool shows whether the product's price has been up or down and by how much over the previous ten intervals of your chosen expiry timeframe.

6. Open positions & history

Click 'Positions' to see all your current open trades and 'History' to see the outcome of completed Countdowns.

7. Launch an order ticket

Click a square to open an order ticket, enter your stake and execute your Countdown.

CMC Markets

1. The 'Countdown price'

With Countdowns, you decide if you think the level 1 mid-price for a product will be above or below the Countdown price at the end of your chosen expiry.

2. Confirm your expiry

Check your expiry here. You can change it if you want to, but remember that different expiries may have different payout percentages, and not all expiry times are available on all products.

3. Choose stake size

Enter your stake size here or dial it up or down by set amounts with the +/- icons. This is the amount you are willing to risk on your trade.

4. 'Available Cash'

This is is the amount you have available in your account to place new Countdown trades.

5. The potential payout

This is the total return that will be paid to you if your prediction is correct. It includes your original stake.

6. Overview

View details of the win and draw payout percentages for each available expiry timeframe for the product. You can also view trading hours and maximum stake sizes.

7. Enter the position

Once you have decided if the price will be above or below the current Countdown price at the end of your expiry, click 'Above' or 'Below' to execute the Countdown.

8. Other open positions

Other open positions in the same product and time until expiry are shown here. The colouring indicates if the position is winning (green), losing (red) or a draw (blue).

CMC Markets

1. Positions window

Once you have placed one or more trades you can click here to view all of your open Countdown positions.

2. Live countdown timer

The Countdown clock shows how much time is left until expiry, and it's coloured green, red or blue, depending on whether the position is winning, losing or unchanged (a draw).

3. Points difference

The points difference shows the distance between the current level 1 mid-price and your Countdown price.

4. Payout & stake

Here you can see your original stake and the payout amount.

5. Live Countdown chart

Click any open position to see a live chart showing the progress of your Countdown. Again, coloured shading shows if you're winning or losing.

6. Settings

Click here to disable the pre-order confirmation pop-up, have the order ticket remember previous stake sizes and to set default chart types.

CMC Markets

1. Closed positions 

Click here to view the outcome of your completed Countdown trades.

2. Countdown outcome

You can instantly see if the Countdown resulted in a win, a loss or a draw.

3. Settled position charts

Select any closed trade within the history tab to view a chart showing your Countdown entry point, the expiry point and the price action in between.

4. Chart shading

Green shading indicates that the outcome of the Countdown was a win. Red indicates a loss.

5. Payouts

The payout amount is shown in green for a win and blue for a draw. No payout is shown for losses.

6. Stake

This is the stake that was selected for the completed Countdown trade.

7. Other open positions

Any other open positions on this product will show here.

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