The Journey to Becoming a Non-bank liquidity provider

"Although we have had an institutional offering for 30+ years, this month marks the first year since the launch of the CMC Connect Brand. It has certainly been a momentous and exciting year. On this page, you’ll be able to explore our story and learn about the milestones that defined our first year as a Connect Brand.

Our customers and partners’ support in the last 12 months has helped us stand out in the marketplace by ensuring continuous innovation to become a true contender for institutional liquidity and price construction.

From me and the whole CMC Markets Connect team, thank you for all the continuous support."

Lord Cruddas
Founder and CEO, CMC Markets


Launch of the institutional brand - CMC Markets Connect

CMC Markets Connect provides invaluable delineation between CMC’s institutional and retail offerings. The new brand marks a ‘stepping up’, where new products are developed, alongside the highest quality pricing and execution services.


Celebrating International Women’s Day

To celebrate women in the Fintech space, CMC Markets Connect took an active role in the 2021 Women in Finance festival and hosted a virtual round table on the subject of “Blockchain and the Future of Digital Settlement.”

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Trading FX during a pandemic report

Revealing the latest sentiment behind trading FX during the pandemic, our report shows that over 80% of institutional investors believe that adding retail flow to price construction would add value.

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Innovation and the FX Global Code (GFXC)

As signatories to the FX Global Code, we emphasize the code’s success to date – and what might be improved with the next round of consultation from Last Look and more.

Our commitment here reflects the changing position of the company and our ability to act as a non-bank liquidity provider.

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Increasing flexibility as a Liquidity Provider (LP)

We included the ability to conduct manual rollovers, and have added in both multi-currency accounts and multi-currency ledgers. These attributes combine to allow select clients to manage their own exposure, rather than purely being constrained by the rules we set, and is soon to be augmented by a fully automated give-up process.

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Connecting to major bridges, ECNs, and fintech’s

To ensure that we’re able to work in tandem with the clients, we established connections with a total of 5 bridge providers and ECNs and expect this number to double over the next six to twelve months – ensuring that CMC is considered to be a genuine player when it comes to the global FX market ecosystem.

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Launch of Spot FX – Becoming A True Liquidity Provider (LP)

The upgrade of our technology stack facilitates enhanced price discovery and price ladder construction outcomes, while driving down latency. Whilst this improved our own hedging abilities in FX, a series of in-house developments have also improved our index and commodity CFD pricing too.

The update also increases the range of asset classes available to trade to an additional 66 Spot FX pairs and precious metals.

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Migration into LD4

We have migrated the entire primary trading and risk infrastructures into the LD4 datacentre using a new optimised API, supporting a number of new order types which historically haven’t been supported.

Becoming a liquidity provider meant that accelerating processes and removing latency was absolutely critical to avoid having counterparties exploit our pricing.

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The launch of the new volatility indicator

By comparing standard deviations in asset prices and using wealth of data available, we can see what is trending in terms of volatility and ensure this valuable information is passed on to institutional counterparties. The new indicator highlights where the pockets of volatility lie.

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Creating a non-leveraged investment platform

To create a non-leveraged investment platform as part of the company’s longer-term goals, CMC Markets Connect announcedthe transition of Australia and New Zealand Banking GroupLimited’s (“ANZ”) share investing client base to CMC for a sumof AUD $25m.

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Best FX Trading Platform

The recognition highlights how CMC Connect has leveraged its unique position in the institutional market to ensure continuous innovation, establishing ourselves as a disrupter in the FX space and a true institutional price maker.

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Contact us to find out how we can work together to open up new potential for your business. If you would like to speak directly to a local member of the team you can find their details here.


Contact us to find out how we can work together to open up new potential for your business. If you would like to speak directly to a local member of the team you can find their details here.