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A 3 minute Q&A with Hannah Taylor

25 Jun 2021, 21:50

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A sentence that describes your job
Effectively communicating complex products and services to a B2B & B2C audience. So that means reaching the right customer with the right product at the right stage in their journey in order to support their development.

To what extent does CMC’s stock market listing help provide an advantage when it comes to your market positioning – and does this generate any marketing constraints?
Being a FTSE250 listed company for us is just one of the many proof points that we use to demonstrate to our various audiences that we are a large and growing organisation. Other key advantages for me are the skill and experience of our people, and the world class technology that we have been able to develop, which are all significant assets for the brand.

It is also an opportunity for me and the team to be creative. Working with our compliance team to come up with campaigns and messages that will appeal to our audience, whilst fitting within our regulatory framework and ensuring responsible marketing practises.

CMC Connect has now moved into Spot FX. That’s taking the company into a new market at a time when people presumably want to know they can trust the brands they work with. As a new entrant, how do you address this?
We rely on the same positioning for all our product promotions, namely our experience, our technology, and our people. CMC Markets has 30 years of heritage to draw upon, so whilst our CMC Connect brand is in its infancy, it has a strong foundation. We’re also continually looking for ways to be in front of our customers and telling them about what we do, including announcing new product launches such as Spot FX, whilst always adding genuine value. Initiatives such as our educational partnership with CPD Hub and our ongoing research projects allow us to showcase our point of view whilst simultaneously educating our audience and providing them with new perspectives or opportunities to think about.

In addition to the more traditional media publications, financial institutions have become the creators of some really high quality content. How do you ensure that you remain competitive in this space?
We’ve already noted that this is an extremely competitive space but I believe by sharing personal experiences and having well-reasoned opinions which focus on the challenges faced by ourselves and our clients helps us cut through the noise. Beyond this, we’re acutely aware that people buy from people so it’s important that we champion our teams, so not just those individuals who are client-facing but also those working hard behind the scenes who provide the vital infrastructure which is powering the ongoing success of our business. 

And on a fun note, lockdown 3 – sourdough or banana bread?
Neither actually but I did get into the habit of cooking a Sunday roast, spending half the day cooking and then enjoying the end result.

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