Why join the Trading team?


Five Reasons to join the Trading team

How working with us will accelerate your career

1/. Innovation

To get the best results, you have to experiment and that’s something we actively encourage. We’re not afraid to use new technologies and we’re not afraid to try something new if it means we can move the business forward. This means that as a company we’re constantly innovating, and as an individual you know that you’re at the top of your game.

Reasons to join


To get the best from each other, we have a true spirit of collaboration and we’re driven by a quest for innovative solutions. We challenge each other, but never compete, and our ultimate focus is on supporting each other to make progress happen.


Ground breaking

When you work in trading, you really do break new ground, with the team working on innovative solutions that no-one has ever seen before. It’s not just the quality of the tech and tools we use that enables this to happen. We make sure new innovations are approved quickly so that you can act and react at pace.​



Because we want to stay ahead of the competition, we put a big emphasis on developing the skills and careers of the people who work in the trading team. We offer both external and on-the-job training, plus we focus on continually progressing the careers of the people who work with us.​


You can make a real impact​

Finally, when you work in the trading team you’re right there where the money is, which means that the actions we take really do make a tangible difference to the business. That makes every single day fulfilling, fast-paced, exciting and challenging.

Jessica Wu

“There is never a dull day at the Trading Desk given the nature of the financial market. It can be challenging at times but the collaborative environment within the team provides great support.“

Jessica Wu - Volatility Dealer


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