Why join the Technology team?

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Five Reasons to join the Technology team

How working with us will accelerate your career

1/. Next-generation tech and tools

Thanks to cutting-edge tech and tools, combined with an agile working methodology, our in-house talent have built a truly next generation trading platform. We continue to invest in all aspects of our technology and have an active training programme so everyone can benefit from the innovations available to us.

Reasons to join the Technology team

Collaboration is key​

We have a close-knit, highly collaborative team and ways of working that mean we always get the best out of each other. The big thing making this possible is the fact that the whole team is on-site, so it’s easy to make good decisions fast.


You work with the best​

The people working in the tech and dev team are the best in the industry and incredibly passionate about what they do. That means you get to work with top-tier talent, plus the peace of mind that great things are happening because you’re driving them.



When you work in the tech and dev team, you get the opportunity to work on a wide range of technical challenges. This not only makes every day interesting, but it means you develop a wide range of skills across a wide range of tech platforms.


Pace over process

We work with an ambitious, complex and exciting trading platform where we need to move quickly to get results. To help you achieve those results, we pride ourselves on pace over process; we don’t do complex internal hierarchies and we empower you to solve challenges and get the job done.

Rainier Gruber

“Technology is valued at CMC and therefore you can get your hands on all kinds of neat stuff you rarely see at other companies.“

Rainier Gruber - Trading Services Team Leader


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Katrina Bell

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