Why join the Sales team?

Sales and Operations

Five reasons to choose the Sales Team

Why working with us will accelerate your career

1/. Training

Our goal at CMC is to give you the foundations to build an amazing career, which is why all new starters get four weeks of dedicated training as soon as they start with us.

Giving you expert insight into the financial market; our tech and tools; client resolution; then on-the-job shadowing, this provides the skills you need to kick off your career in the financial markets with confidence.

Sales and Operations

Top technology and tools

We pride ourselves on giving you access to the very latest tech and trading tools, then the training to help you make the most of them.

Our trading platform is one of the most powerful and innovative in the world. Our software and systems are next level and the training we provide helps you make the most of them.



When you work in the Client Management team, no two days are the same, with the trades you place, the clients you speak to and the work we do a real reflection of what’s happening in the wider world.

Whether it’s Reddit stocks rocketing or Bitcoin bouncing, when you are on the frontline of client reaction, you always have your finger on the pulse, and every day provides something new.


Central to the business

Client relationships are essential to our success as a team, but it’s not just the rapport you create and the trust you build that’s important.

With direct access to our clients, the conversations you have help to shape and steer the work of other departments, which is pretty exciting.

Whether it’s a customer insight on a new product or a response to a new software update, the conversations you have provide valuable insights for the rest of the business.


An amazing first step

Finally, if you want a future in the financial markets, a career in CMC Client Management provides an amazing opportunity. Not only do you get a next-level training package, but you get a rich experience across all aspects of trade and tech, plus a thorough understanding of the market.

Mariella Ercolano

“I had no financial knowledge before I started here and I’ve learned so much. Whenever I’m asked a question, I never feel out of my depth.“

Mariella Ercolano - Client Services Executive


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