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Why join the Group Services team?

Group Services

Five Reasons to join the Group Services team

How working with us will accelerate your career

1/. Valued business partners

When you work in one of our Group Services teams, you are contributing to maintaining and developing the framework that creates the basis for optimal development.  You’re actively encouraged to interact with every area of the business, you’re often at the forefront of new ideas and your input influences how products and services take shape.

Rather than being a silent support function, at CMC, these teams are truly integral to the business, which makes what you do fulfilling, exciting and challenging.

Group Services

You can make change happen

CMC prides itself on having a flat structure and an openness to ideas and innovation from every person in the business. This means that if you’re passionate about a new idea or you want to implement changes to how we work or the tools we work with, as long as you can make a business case for the change, your proposals will be evaluated.


Strategic influence

We understand the importance of how your ability to influence others can empower people development and accelerate results.  That's why at CMC, we enable individuals to transform and shape the opinions of others and support the strategic influence they have on our business success.



When you work in finance, legal, human resources, risk or compliance in larger organisations, you’re often siloed away and the tasks you do day to day will often be the same, mainly focusing on the operational needs of the business.

At CMC, we do it differently. Because of the size of the business and the way we’re structured, you interact with virtually every other area of the business on a daily basis, which gives you tons of variety, a real breadth of experience and a far richer knowledge base.



We’re passionate about supporting the progression of the people who work in our business, which is why we sponsor professional qualifications that help you reach the next level of your profession.

Whether that’s ACCA, CIMA (accountancy), CFA or CIPD (HR), we not only support your ambitions financially, but we make sure we’re flexible with your time so you can easily accommodate your learning and development needs.

David Walker-Sherriffs

“They want you to have work life balance, so I pick up my son every day from nursery.“

David Walker-Sherriffs - Group Head of Financial Crime & MLRO


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Carmen Garrido-Dominguez

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David Walker-Sherriffs

David Walker-Sherriffs

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