Project Highlight: Opto

25th February 2021

Creating a media channel


As a company, we’re encouraged to take calculated risks to achieve our ambitions, continuously iterating and innovating to see what works. The launch of Opto is one marketing team experiment that definitely paid off…

The challenge
Back in 2018 we were faced with a number of marketing challenges.

The brand goal
We wanted to demonstrate how CMC Markets goes above and beyond to provide clients with an intelligent take on what’s going on in the markets.

The commercial goal
We needed a consistent mechanic that would help us up conversion and improve loyalty and retention.

Looking to the future
We wanted to build a community of CMC Markets advocates who would act as ambassadors for everything we do.

The solution
We created Opto, an ambitious 360-degree content platform that provides newsstand-worthy editorial intelligence on the issues and trending topics our audience need to know about.

The results

  • → 2000+ new leads per month
  • → 10,000+ eBook downloads
  • → 25,000 magazine print run
  • → 75,000 average monthly visits to the site