Fast Track Women: Career tips from Malavika Sudheesh - Marketing Executive, Austrailia

26th August 2021

What's your role?

I work as a Stockbroking Marketing Executive. Due to the growth seen in Stockbroking, I have been able to work beyond the title of my role with a wide range of business units and senior stakeholders to drive projects end-to-end.


What advice would you give to someone looking to do your job?

Handling different parts of the project that includes analytics, customer experience, and market research requires you to wear many hats, but it’s what makes the role so exciting. I discovered how much I enjoyed analytics and product marketing, speaking volumes on how involved we are in the rollout of projects.

Based on the above, being open to learning and being adaptable are useful skills to have in this role.


What do you like most about your job?

This role has allowed me to work on big commercial initiatives, which in turn has given me access to in-depth industry knowledge and senior stakeholders within the business. Being part of a growing company provides opportunities to grow – I’ve been provided with a variety of projects to find what excites me as part of the wider marketing remit.

There is also room to trial and test things, which is important as a marketer as finding what works for the business is what we need at the end of the day. This also shows how nurturing the team culture here is, encouraging us to learn more.


How have you been supported in your role?

Being with CMC helped me grow a lot as a marketer. The quality of work that the team puts together is high and we constantly inspire each other to grow and better ourselves as a team.

Being part of a team of highly motivated marketers ensures I push myself and try to get my best work out with every project. Even in a short period, the amount of experience I’ve gained by being part of this team is unlike anything I have experienced in my career before.