A day in the life: Peter Rusiecki

21 April 2021

Peter Rusiecki

Peter Rusiecki, Head of Customer Engagement

Peter talks to us about tech, teamwork and a Braze new world

My alarm goes off:
I get up at 5.30am, leave the house at about 6.30am, and cycle into work from Balham. I usually take a detour on the way to the office and stop somewhere like Black Sheep coffee (which is around the corner) for a salt beef bagel or pain au raison.

I’m responsible for:
All the comms that go out to customers and the automation tech and processes that power that.

The best part of my job:
The creativity and fact that you know that you are making a difference. It’s really rewarding that our systems allow us to respond to the data we are looking at straight away, work up a new strategy and see an immediate uplift.

The thing I’m most proud of:
“I helped implement and roll out a really exciting new communication solution for the business called Braze. It has really transformed how we communicate with our customers.”

My typical day:
The first thing I do as soon I get in is check our numbers and any comms that have gone out. I’ll then jump into meetings, where we’ll discuss projects that we are working on. Then, in the afternoon, it’s all about implementation, so I’ll work closely with data engineers to make that happen.

My career progression:
I first started working at CMC Markets in Sydney back in 2007 and moved to the London office in 2009. I popped back to Australia between 2013 and 2015, then came back to London again because my wife is from Europe. I’ve also moved up and between departments and it’s been great working somewhere where you have that flexibility to move and progress.

Why work in CMC's marketing department:
“It’s a great team where you have the autonomy to really make an impact on the organisation. The people who work here are really open to new ideas, so you really can make new things happen; and there’s a relaxed culture, which makes it a good place to work.”

After work:
I cycle home and mainly work on my mammoth DIY project.