A day in the life: Isabella Allan

25th February 2021

Isabella Allan

Isabella Allan, Trading Operations Supervisor

My alarm goes off:
I wake up at 6:30am, fit in a quick 30 minute workout with some up-beat music. I then get ready for work and aim to be at my desk for 8:30am. I check through my emails and have a morning chat with the rest of my team so that we are all ready to start the day. I will then grab some breakfast and a herbal tea.

Most proud of:
Completing my qualifications with the help of CMC, they encourage everyone to better themselves in any way they wish to and always put emphasis on personal development, this is something I really value. Also, my progression and the opportunity to manage a team which I am grateful for. CMC really does believe in its employees and they always want you to strive to be the best that you can be within your role.

Why work in the CMC Business Operations department?
Business Operations involves a vast array of tasks and processes, so you are fully exposed to all areas of the business. We are essentially the central hub for all departments meaning that our knowledge is always growing, and every day is a school day!

Best part of the job:
Its spontaneity, each day is never the same, we are quite a reactive department so there is always a new event or scenario occurring, it means I am never bored! I also enjoy CMC’s flat structure, no matter who you are your ideas are always welcomed to be pitched and put through to the committee. There are no restrictions and if you have a good idea, it is always encouraged.

After work:
My evenings vary, I enjoy swimming so aim to get a few swims in after work and then in the summer I like to do open water swimming. I usually join my running club twice a week for a track session and a longer run and I love doing parkrun every Saturday! But on my days off I like to socialise with work or friends or do some yoga. I’ve also recently taken a liking to candle making which I’ve found to be rather therapeutic.