A day in the life: Katrina Bell

24th March 2021

My alarm goes off:
At 7.25 am. I’m out of bed at 7.45 am, leave the house at 8 am and then get to my desk at about 9am.

The best part of the job:
I think the fact that you’re constantly learning and challenging yourself; there’s a real emphasis on keeping up with the latest technologies, and the people are really approachable and supportive. No one is ever too busy to help you, which makes it a really nice place to work and grow.

Most proud of:
I started in the grad scheme, where I got the chance to experience loads of different parts of the business. I was really pleased when I was offered a full-time role after I graduated. That was a great feeling!

Why work in the CMC tech department?
They want you to be the best you can be, so the opportunities for training and progression within the business are really good. The other thing is that you are mostly working with devs who have lots of experience. They’re really good to learn from and really willing to help and share their knowledge.

My typical day:
Once I get to my desk, I’ll check emails and continue with any tasks from the previous day. Then, at the team stand-up, we’ll talk about what we’ve been working on and any challenges we have. That’s where people will often input and offer advice or help. Often I’ll be working on project work or helping other people out with bug fixes, but sometimes something high priority will come up, so I might need to help on that. It’s really varied and every day is completely different.

After work:
I’ll either go to the gym, head out for dinner with friends or watch Netflix. I’m currently working my way through Lost.