A day in the life: Carmen Garrido-Dominguez

14th April 2021

My alarm goes off:
I wake up at 6.30 am if I’m going to the gym and 7 am if I’m not. I’m usually at work at 8.30 am, where I’ll sometimes have something from the free cereals (usual porridge with oat milk) or grab something on my way in. Once a week we do a team breakfast at Coco de Mama, which is really nice.

My typical day:
I usually check the legal inbox, assign any matters that are outstanding, organise meetings and calendars, get documents signed. It’s a really busy role and really varied. I guess you could say that I’m the person who joins everyone up and I’m the main point of contact.

The best part of the job:
Probably the fact that everyone is so nice and it makes you feel so comfortable. The other big plus is that CMC are supporting my studies and paying for my law degree. They are really supportive in terms of your personal growth and will invest in you and pay your tuition fees.

Most proud of:
The fact that I’m doing my law degree at the same time as work, plus all the work I do when I am at work. They really help you, and the team is really supportive, so I’m learning a lot, both on the job and through my studies. I’ve come such a long way since I’ve started in terms of experience and skills.

Why work at CMC?:
I love how the industry has changed completely since I started. Where before you would be prIt’s a big company but it’s small enough for you to be exposed to different departments and areas of the business. That means you get lots of great experience, you feel like a real part of the business and you get to know everyone.

After work:
Mon, Tues and Weds I have class so I go to university, and Thurs and Fri I have free to relax or socialise. Every couple of weeks I’ll go for drinks with the team or other people at CMC.