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Financial results

Financial review 2015-16

  • Net operating income up £25.8M (18%) at £169.4M driven by focusing on strategic initiatives
  • Profit before tax up £9.9M (23%) at £53.4M, underlying profit before tax up 20% at £62.4M
  • Profit before tax margin up 1.2% at 31.5%
  • Underlying profit before tax margin up 0.6% to 36.8%
  • Active clients up 7,026 (14%) to 57,329
  • Revenue per active client up £112 (4%) to £2,828
  • Value of client trades up 27%, to £2,071bn
  • Earnings per share up 22% to 15.1 pence, underlying earnings per share up 23% to 18.0 pence

Revenue growth and operating effectiveness

Net operating income

Profit before tax and underlying PBT

Client value generation and client quality

Active clients and revenue per active client

Value of trades and number of trades

Delivery of shareholder value and returns

Profit after tax

Dividend per share and earnings per share (pence)

  1. Net operating income represents revenue net of rebates payable to introducing partners who are not themselves trading counterparties less spread betting levies
  2. Underlying figures represent PBT before exceptional items
  3. Active clients represent those individual clients who have traded with or held CFD or Spread bet positions with CMC Markets on at least one occasion during the financial year
  4. Net revenue generated from CFD and Spread bet active clients
  5. Value of client trades represents the notional value of trades

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